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cows & horses, etc.

Welcome to the heart of tradition and excellence at cows & horses, etc. Here, we cherish the legacy and future of superior cutting horses. Our commitment is unwavering: to breed not just horses, but legends! With a focus on quality over quantity, we have assembled a select group of mares that excelled in the arena, each with a lineage of champions. Our foals represent the future, bred from wisdom and the pursuit of the perfect cross. Supported by a team of experts and a commitment to integrity in all that we do, we are cows & horses, etc.—where passion meets pedigree, and every horse is a promise of greatness.

Tony Allen
Ranch Manager

Aaroon Vaghela
Trainer/Horse Manager

AQHA Spendin The Cash
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AQHA Tizzy Cat
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AQHA Smooth Play Kit
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